Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Night at the Last Chance Diner

November 24, 2010

Life humbles us, hurts us, encourages us, and builds us up. The writing process for my new novel, Last Night at the Last Chance Diner, has been all of that, and more.

When I started, I knew that this novel was purposed to be a gift given to loved ones of believers, who might not understand, or be willing to understand, all that Christ has to give them. His gifts, given overwhelmingly, need to be shared and "Last Night at the Last Chance", is me giving forward.

From start to finish, I sometimes felt like a squirrel trapped on a treadmill. A novel is called fiction because you make it up. From the first words, to the finish line, every action, setting, occurrence, thought, word, or prayer is created out of the air, to be modified, reconsidered, retyped and re-retyped, until you sit back, smile that wonderful, satisfied smile and say, "It is finished."

Then you retype a little more.

...and repeat as necessary.

As I wrote, I felt a kinship with the people of The Last Chance, as they all reflected little bits of me. I could put myself inside their heads, as I searched for the right words, that felt real and put them in their mouths. Their stories are America's stories and are fulfilling, engaging, aggravating and heart warming. These are folks that hurt when you hit them and bleed when you cut them. Their hurts are center stage and we use them as examples of lives lived and lives left behind.

Once up on a time, I had a collie named Benjamin. He taught me that unconditional love can be received, even by someone utterly undeserving. The years he shadowed my every move are some of my most precious memories and I have deliberately chosen to write about him in my novel.

I am blessed for his love and blessed again with the memories.

My gratitude goes out to the photographer who provided the cover photos. They were taken in downtown Bethlehem, Pa. and provided by award winning photographer, Darius Aidala, also of Bethlehem, Pa.

My deepest appreciation goes to the Cover Designer, Miroslav Suster, of Serbia. His work is inspiring.

Without a doubt, I need to also thank Sara Davis, of Greenville, SC, who provided superb edit and proofreading skills, without which, this would still in my hard drive making me crazy.

No book is a single effort. Without great people, willing to bring their amazing talents together, these things are never complete.

You three are my new heroes.

To those of you who love to read a good story, please take a chance.

Read my new novel.

Then let me know what you think.

Peace be the journey...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Last Night at the Last Chance Diner

December 24, 2012

10:59:56 p.m.

Just outside Bethlehem, PA, Norman Jacobs skids on the ice, hitting a power pole and briefly blacking out downtown. As power is restored, patrons of The Last Chance Diner, unknowingly begin a countdown to midnight, that will change the world like nothing that has ever happened.

Christmas Eve, 2012.

Meet the denizens of the Last Chance. Hear their stories, experience their heartaches and discover the desires of their hearts, as the clock counts down to the beginning...

Last Night at the Last Chance Diner is available from Blessings Remembered, beginning 12/15/2010. Order your copy today.

At just $7, priced for Christmas, it is a great Christmas gift idea for those who love a mystery, and loved ones who do not yet know the Lord.

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