Friday, January 30, 2009

When We Think of God

How do you think of God?

Do you see a massive throne, angels flying about singing joyously? Do you see a kind, old gentleman, with white beard and thousand yard eyes? Do you see blinding light and golden streets?

God calls us to seek Him but how do you seek Him?

In the midst of the hustle, do you call His name softly, sharing the hopes and dreams, wishes and prayers of everyday? Do you speak to Him in your prayer voice, asking, pleading, begging and remembering?

Do you hear His voice on the wind, in the rustle of leaves, or running deer across the plains? Has your heart quieted down long enough to even know if He is calling you in this time of stress and disorder?

Call His name softly, Whisper His name into the night and listen. Quiet and still, He will return your love, answer your heart, respond to your deepest thoughts and give you rest...

1 comment:

  1. I love your reminder to your readers that God is found in the wind and the trees and in all creation---if we just slow down long enough. The beauty that surrounds us in God's creation is staggering. The every day, ordinary miracles of budding seeds, hatching eggs, spider webs---even the rising and setting of the sun---all inspire us to live each day we are given to its fullest, and live it with a grateful heart.

    Thanks for "Peace be the Journey." It's a great way to start the day! Perhaps you have the seeds here of another book? :-)


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