Monday, August 3, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

You see the badge. It's an honor and a burden. I "won" the Honest Scrap award by doing nothing.

I think Tommie Lynn, on the occasion of her 65th birthday, dropped the (non) coveted award on my unsuspecting head, as a way of jabbing at the world on her special day. So jabbed as I am, the rules of Honest Scrap are that I must share eight things about myself and nominate a bushel of other people to the lofty heights of Scrap.

1) I am absolutely no one. It's true. Nobody is here and you're reading his words.

2) I have an aversion to "going along" with things. My life has been a never ending series of events wherein I refuse to take the road most often traveled. The people that are closest, often refuse to wander the well trod paths, also.

3) I love Baseball. It's a beautiful game that gives me much pleasure. From the last day of the World Series, to the 15th of February, I patiently await the return of my game. All is well in the world once the baseball-ers are back at work.

4) For several years I sang opera and loved it. In the background is a recording of Gilbert and Sullivan. Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro, Escamillo in Carmen, Pooh-Bah in The Mikado and others. Once in a great while, I sing out a line or two of a part I once sang.

5) Politics has been a fascination since high school. Over the years, I worked with some relatively important people. Though I remember them, I am sure they do not have such keen memories of me.

6) I drive a Toyota Prius. Yes. I'm a hybrid kind of guy. I love the gas mileage and its zippy.

7) Once upon a time I was a policeman back in NY.

8) I'm married to the smartest, long suffering, woman that ever lived.

In the interest of harmony, I will name a very short list of new recipients.

Lynn Mosher Heading Home

Tasha Reed Endless Writings

Ginger Takamiya Christian Romance Magazine

Linda Yezak 777 Peppermint Place


  1. Nuh-uh, Sweet Pea! I already got zapped once! I bared my soul and confessed my sins in a post called "Eight Truths About Me" over on 777 Peppermint Place.

    But it's great seeing this about you: an opera-singing NY cop! Did they base the first "Law and Order" cop after you? No, wait . . . he was Italian.

    If only Ginger would rise to the challenge--I'll be there to giggle!!!

    (Thanks for thinking of me!)

  2. Fun to see the award continuing to wander. And nice to bask in the safety of having already answered it.


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