Saturday, March 13, 2010

How Big is My Market?

There are those that say the social media revolution is changing America in an astounding way. Facebook alone has a membership larger than all but the world's top three nations.

Social media seems like the new methodology for Generation Y, as it becomes larger than the Baby Boomer Generation. Fully 96% of Generation Y are the new social media. Who is reaching them and with what message?

Who are their idols and what do they worship? Some political scholars say Barrack Obama won the presidency on the back of social networking and the emerging media surrounding it. Others, with just as good a resume, say Sarah Palin has put the Obama effect so far behind, it will take years for democrats to catch up.

Which is right? I think it's both.

As quickly as a new trend emerges, commercial users and emerging technology jumps out and enlarges it. Once improved and enlarged, others invent tag along technology and applications that alter, widen and ultimately convert followers to participants.

Are you riding the wave, or sitting in the sand?

Will you use the inexpensive but time consuming Social Media frenzy to get your word out? Are you aware of the power of the new medium? Generation Y does not search the web for news, anymore. The news follows and searches for them, via social networking and intelligent applications.

How does this affect publishing and emerging writers? We are poised over a gulf that reaches into virtually every home in the world. The information explosion can take a well polished and targeted message into corners unheard of three years ago, at almost no cost.

Be bold. Be true and be untiring. If you are a writer, write. then get your message out.

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