Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26, 2008 years after the Birth of Jesus...

The day after...

How often we fail to consider the days after the coming of Christ. Mary must have been in such discomfort. After giving birth, at fourteen years old, without her mother, sisters or another woman to help her through it, the child mother of Christ did what she had to do to help sustain the Savior for us all.

The newborn child had all the needs of a newborn and His mother, Mary just a child herself, had all the responsibility for him and Joseph, first time father had no handbook on baby care or how to help his new wife with her first born son.

A new Savior for the world, came with no attendants, no handmaidens, no guards and no servants. This Child of the Living God was born in poverty we can't conceive. He was denied even His home and His mother's bed, sent to be born in a cave, by a capricious, greed driven Governor.

Christ came to and for the least and was born in poverty, just as He would die in the worst possible conditions, thirty-three years later, for our redemption.

Celebrate ALL the days of Christmas this year and keep it in your heart all the days of your life...

Peace be the Journey


  1. You are right we forget about the immediate aftermath of the nativity. A decent biographer would have been useful for filling in the detail ! Peace to you on your journey.

  2. Great to get a different perspective :-) Blessings to you on your new blog adventure - it looks great!

  3. In our neighborhood I notice that all the Christmas lights are off the day after Christmas, and that the trees are all out on the street by that weekend, for those that have real trees.

    Used to be, Christmas was celebrated until Epiphany, but not anymore.

    But the important thing is that we keep Christ the central figure of our lives year-round, rather than packing Him up with the ornaments.

    Nice blog, and important point!

  4. Very nice post. Keeping the true meaning of Christmas is so easily forgotten.

    Keep up the good work!


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