Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Devotion for Dog Lovers - 2009

PSALM 136:25
...And who gives food to every creature. His love endures forever.

We learn many lessons from our pets. A wise man once observed how pleased he would be to be just half the man his dog thinks he is. Sometimes our dogs represent the different stages of our lives.

As puppies they bound across our laps and into our heart, with their clumsiness, perfect trust and adoring eyes. How like us as we seek to embrace all life has to offer, as youngsters, unafraid and trusting.

When the adult begins to emerge, they settle down and focus on their place within the family, sometimes becoming protective, territorial and happiest when it’s just the family. Doesn’t that remind one of our struggle to balance trust with caution and desire with patience?

As our puppy fully enters those grown middle years, they so often develop habits and distinct personalities that reflect the family, their place in the family hierarchy and how they view themselves. Don’t we? As we mature, don’t we often forsake the things of our passionate youth and replace them with the things that we “settle” for, short of our lofty goals and dreams.

At the end stage, the dog finds comfort close to the fireplace, at the hearth of his life and in his family. Days stretch out as he reflects on the stages of his life that brought him to this place. We do, too. As our age catches us, after a life of running from its iron grip, we surrender our youth and adventurous spirit, for a time of calm reflection. It is there we find our hearts returning to the One who provided for us, all the days of our lives and who waits for us near the gates of our eternity.

Peace be the Journey in 2009....

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