Thursday, July 9, 2009

It’s a Good Time to be a Writer

During times of Economic Distress creative people find clever ways to make their way. This time is no exception. With publishers reducing the number of titles, while cutting their financial commitment to those books they are printing, your book may be the one topic overlooked and therefore, forging ahead on your own could be the best possible strategy.

Here are 3 reasons it’s a good time to be a writer
By Lisa Abeyta

Online Ventures Offer New Opportunities

When Matt Drudge was an employee at a CBS gift shop, he started emailing insider gossip to friends. The list grew (exponentially) and eventually changed to political content. And when The Drudge Report, which created an entirely new way of reporting and compiling news, broke several major stories, mainstream media was no longer able to dismiss him as an insignificant upstart. By 2006, he was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.
Matt Drudge was one of the first in a long line of writers using the internet as their business base. Today new writers have far more opportunities to land a published article than ever before. No longer are opportunities controlled by those who own the presses. In communities with only one newspaper, now a dozen websites exist which provide content to that same demographic.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Create A Platform

With the proliferation of affordable website publishing tools and domain options, free blogs, and social networking sites, almost anyone has the opportunity to build a platform. A platform is not just about establishing yourself as an expert in some particular field—although that is part of it. It is in large part about building up readership, loyalty, and name recognition. With effective use of the internet, that particular task is within reach of just about anyone.

The Corporate World Is Moving Into Social Media

When I was hired to do some marketing and public relations work for a local museum, the first thing I did was to launch a blog and create Facebook and Twitter accounts. The museum had a website, but the constraints and paperwork made updates slow and often clunky. With social networking, I could get the word got out immediately, upload event photos in real time, and begin to change public perception and loyalty. Despite a lack of advertising dollars, the museum has enjoyed an increase in attendance, facility rentals and local press within the past few months.

The museum I contract with is not alone. Businesses across America are beginning to see the advantage of using social networking sites as an effective tool not only for advertising but also for viral content and customer loyalty. And most of those business are at a complete loss of how to accomplish this task. Writers who hone their skills in social media marketing will have no problem keeping busy - even in a tight market.

OK, there are my three reasons. If you’re still not convinced that it’s a good time to pursue your writing, here is one more:

Print Is Not Dead

In April, 2009, PW’s Matthew Thornton, divulged a round-up of recent book deals which included a six-figure offer for Rules for My Unborn Son. Why should you care? The book began as a blog. If you have a blog, treat it as a portal to a six-figure book deal. Agents are still accepting new clients, and publishers are still buying new manuscripts. Yes, there may be less on the market, but the market is still there and still buying. Someone is getting noticed, and that someone could be you.

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