Monday, May 18, 2009

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I just returned from teaching at the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference and met some of the nicest, kindest, most talented and decent people in the world.

The weather was Colorado gorgeous, which means it was Florida freezing but the conference made a huge impression on me.

It is owned and operated by Marlene Bagnull of Write His Answer.

She has held it for years and another in Philadelphia in August.

Both are worth the price of admission.

Terry Whalin, of Intermedia Publishing Group

was my roommate and we had a wonderful time, though Terry had to suffer through my loud breathing at night.

Sorry Terry!

His new publishing venture allows him to say yes to writers, instead of the never ending succession of rejections he has spent decades sending out for other publishing houses. We'll talk about Terry one day soon and catch you all up.

Super Agent, Bill Jensen,

one of the most respected agents in Christian Publishing was gracious to this first time faculty member and led me and three others, on a sunset climb to the top of Bible Point Mountain, where we saw the grave of a nineteen year old boy, who died in 1918. His memorial plaque, hammered into a huge bolder atop the grave made you want to cry.

The sun was disappearing so fast we had to hurry down or make the walk in total darkness but the scenery, antelope, mule deer and stupendous view were worth the effort.

In the next couple of weeks, I will attempt to acquaint you all with what is coming of the paradigm shift in publishing and how the smartest people in the business are getting ahead of it and making the most of the new world of opportunity.

In the meantime...

Peace be the Journey

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  1. Hi John,
    Yes, I would agree with you regarding the CWC in Estes Park. As a first time attendee, I was so impressed with the wonderful people I met, and the teaching and ideas of many, such as yourself. The setting was such a tribute to God's creation, and the weather was perfect, not too hot, too humid or too cold! It was great meeting you and looking forward with anticipation to implementing new ideas.


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