Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Texas Hospital Removes American Flag From Office - Calls it "Offensive"

Texas Hospital Call American Flag "Offensive"

Kindred Hospital Corporation in Mansfield, Texas removed an American Flag from an employee's office and left it on the floor, referring to it as offensive, yesterday.

Kindred Hospital - Mansfield
1802 Highway 157 North
Mansfield, TX 76063
Phone: (817) 473-6101

I think we need a letter writing campaign to help them see the light.

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  1. That's just strange, John. Are they still planning to secede? :-/

    Pretty offensive that they left it on the floor.

    Your links aren't clickable. I checked out the article by going to the news site.

    It was upsetting.

    The 3x5 flag is a burial flag - when my Dad died we got one - he fought in WW II and the Korean War.

    We donated it to my troop and they flew it for years across the entrance to their campsites.


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